Microbial Testing

Why is Microbial Testing Important?

The safety and health of consumers is of utmost importance to responsible cannabis businesses. Effective quality control leads to higher profits and sustainable production. It is the growers’ responsibility to ensure their product is safe; failure to do so could result in financial ruin. Testing Technologies is committed to ensuring that all cannabis in the recreational and medical markets is safe and free from contamination.

Our microbiologists are trained and experienced in the detection and identification of bacteria, molds, and toxins that can cause deterioration of plants, spoilage of edibles, and illness for the consumer.

Testing Technologies uses the latest technology in microbiology. We are capable of providing rapid analysis and fast turnaround of samples. All testing methods employed are fully validated and recognized by the FDA and the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia.

I-502 Microbiological Panel

The I-502 panel includes all the organisms that Washington state requires. We offer this panel to all I-502 and medical producers and processors for $25. These tests are also included in our full I-502 panel. For additional microbiological services, please contact us.

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